Donlin Gold LLC Job Openings!

Culinary & Hospitality Services

March 19, 2021

ESS Alaska is looking for highly-motivated people interested in exploring career opportunities in culinary and hospitality services. From chefs, bakers, and line cooks to housekeeping, ESS Alaska wants Calista Corporation Shareholders to work with them during the 2021 Donlin Gold drilling season!

Any Calista Shareholders who are interested in this field may find the job descriptions on our Job Openings webpage. To apply for the open positions, you must go to the ESS Alaska website.

Current openings include:

Please contact Patty Murphy at E3 Alaska with any questions at (907) 565-4200 or you can send her an email to pmurphy (at) The E3 Alaska team looks forward to working with our Calista Shareholders and expanding career opportunities for the Region. Quyana!

Hiring preference will be given to Calista/TKC shareholders and their descendants and spouses, and to shareholders of other corporations created pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, in accordance with Title 43 US Code 1626(g) and Title 42 US Code 2003-2(i).