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Intern Turned Employee: Josh Bogdanski at STG Incorporated

Storyknife, January/February 2019 edition

Josh Bogdanski is a Calista Corporation Shareholder from St. Mary’s. He began his career with engineering internships. Among other companies, he interned at STG Incorporated and now works as Project Engineer for STG, a Calista subsidiary.

Josh Bogdanski, Project Engineer for STG, a Calista subsidiary.

Josh Bogdanski, Project Engineer for STG, a Calista subsidiary.

“Construction is not just swinging hammers and digging dirt,” Josh says. “There’s a lot of technical aspects to a project. It was an eye-opening experience and a learning process.”

Josh grew up in the Calista Region. He became a Shareholder after open enrollment began for Descendants in 2017. Josh graduated high school in the village of St. Mary’s, then completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

“I like snow machines. I was always fixing them because they were always breaking down,” Josh says. “Engineers build snow machines, so I wanted to build them. I didn’t want to leave Alaska to build snow machines, but I love the hands-on aspect of mechanical engineering.”

Most of the work at STG is civil engineering, but Josh says engineering disciplines tend to overlap. Some construction projects may incorporate power generation or mechanical piping.

STG Incorporated

Engineers play a vital role in a company like STG. Engineering is critical for infrastructure development in rural Alaska. The recently installed wind turbines outside of St. Mary’s is a prime example.

“The construction industry is here to build infrastructure, and engineers provide technical support,” Josh says. “Some projects—like those from the Army Corps of Engineers—need someone with an engineering background. This past summer I was in the field in Bethel as a quality control professional, because of my degree.”

Josh completed three internships and his degree before deciding to continue with STG. His first internship with Alyeska Pipeline Service Company opened his eyes to the oil and gas industry. Interning with Design Alaska was a great experience but made him realize it wasn’t what he wanted to do.

“The whole point of the internship is to learn about the industry,” Josh says. “It’s a trial job opportunity to see if you like it or not.”

Josh finally found his place at STG after interning for three summers. He became a full-time Project Engineer last year.

“STG is helping to build Alaska,” says Josh. “It’s great working for a company that’s helping to build the infrastructure of rural Alaska communities.”

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