MyCalista Adds Extra Layer of Security

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on

Storyknife, November/December 2023 edition

Calista Shareholders Marvin McIntyre (left) and Jerry Jimmie (right) in Tuntutuliak.
Calista Shareholders Marvin McIntyre (left) and Jerry Jimmie (right) in Tuntutuliak.

A top priority of Calista Corporation’s Shareholder Services Department is to protect Shareholder information and make our systems as secure as possible.

We do this by using industry-standard encryption and following best practices in data protection. We use identity and access management controls to secure the information entrusted to us by Shareholders and Descendants.

We want Shareholder portal users to have a good customer experience while keeping our systems secure, so we would like to provide advance notice of a new security measure for

Starting February 5, 2024, logging into MyCalista will require two-factor authentication (2FA).

Many financial institutions already use 2FA. It is a second layer of protection to ensure a person is who they say they are, and it helps prevent identity theft and fraud.


Starting Feb. 5, the next time you enter your login and password for MyCalista, you will be prompted to receive a security code either by text (SMS) or email.

You will choose which option you prefer. This verifies your mobile number or email and only needs to be done once.

In the future, you will enter your username and password, followed by a security code. After you enter the correct code, you will continue into MyCalista like normal. Codes are valid for 90 seconds.

If you have a mobile number on file with Shareholder Services already, it will appear in the Phone Number field pre-filled when you set up 2FA. If you choose the email option, your email address will be pre-filled. If you change your email, the system will update your email with Shareholder Services, and this will be your new MyCalista username.


If you change your mobile phone number in MyCalista, the system will update your number with Shareholder Services. You may edit your address and phone number on the My Account page when you are logged in to

Should you experience any errors or problems setting up 2FA, please contact Shareholder Services at or 907-275-2801.

Remember the following security tips:

  • DON’T send personal information like your Social Security number or full date of birth in an email.
  • Verify your identity using your name, the last four digits of your SSN, and your birth year when speaking with a Shareholder Services employee by phone.
  • DON’T say your personal information in a loud voice if you are in a public place.
  • Hang up if someone calls you, claiming to be a Calista employee, and you have doubts. Call Shareholder Services to verify.
  • Login regularly and review all your information.
  • Use an email address or phone number that belongs to you.
  • NEVER share your password and make sure it is unique.