Remembering Robert Beans and Other Past Directors

Quyana for Sharing Your Loved Ones

The late Robert L. Beans of Mountain Village
The late Robert L. Beans of Mountain Village

Storyknife, November/December 2023 edition

In early October, Director Robert L. Beans, originally from Mountain Village passed. Beans, like so many before him, were much more than former Directors for Calista Corporation. They were siblings, spouses, parents and leaders. Many were also veterans.

Beans was an Army National Guard veteran, Alaska State Trooper, Village Public Safety Officer, long-time chair of the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, and much more.

As we’ve done previously for retiring Directors, Calista will present a plaque to the Beans’ family honoring his service.

Calista has been fortunate to have had many incredible leaders in its history, here are a few of them.

Former Director and President Martin B. Moore, Sr. also served as a State Representative and leader for Emmonak.

Chief Eddie Hoffman was also one of Calista’s original Directors. A well-known business leader, he served as a long-time advisor to the Calista’s Land Department and directly participated in the selection of Calista-owned lands throughout the region.

Moses Paukan was one of Calista’s first Directors. He was a leader beyond Calista, serving the city of St. Mary’s as mayor, before being named to the State House of Representatives by Governor Wally Hickel to replace Rep. John Westdahl who had recently passed.

Phillip Guy was one of Calista’s incorporators and original Board members who assisted villages during their land selections, and also served the Region as a State Representative.

Former Director Nora Guinn was also the first woman and Alaska Native to serve as a District Judge for Alaska, speaking in Yup’ik when appropriate.

Gladys Jung, who was one of Calista’s original Directors, taught in schools up and down the Kuskokwim after graduating from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1938.

Calista has been blessed with these and dozens more people who devoted their time and energy to both Calista and the region. Calista management wishes to say quyana to the families who shared their loved ones with us.

Calista exists today as the sum of all the decisions, successes and challenges throughout our history. Every action and every decision were ultimately made by people who were and are seeking to benefit the lives of tens of thousands of Shareholders.