CECI Scholarship Recipient Wayne Wasky Makes First Solo Flight

Shareholder Attending Flight School in San Diego

Storyknife, September/October 2021 edition

Photo of Wayne Wasky

Wayne Wasky of Alakanuk is attending flight school in San Diego, pictured here after his first solo flight.

Wayne Wasky, a Calista Shareholder from Alakanuk, has always had a passion for aviation. Now he is working to turn his dream of flying into a career through support from the Calista Education and Culture, Inc. scholarship for Shareholders and Descendants.

“I hope to fly locally and eventually fly commercially in Alaska,” Wayne says. “Once I surpass fifteen-hundred flight hours I will apply for the regional airlines.”

Wayne’s goal is to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science and earn an Airline Transport Pilot certification. Through Coast Flight Trainings accelerated program, Wayne will receive the quality training and knowledge to reach that goal.

Wayne plans to obtain a private pilot license within four to six months, then become certified in Instrument Rating. Obtaining these qualifications while currently serving in the military will allow him to have a smoother transition at the end of his military service.

Seeking higher education and training

Through his work as a police officer in Alakanuk, Wayne realized the importance of seeking a higher education and training outside the community, and the value of utilizing that training when resources are limited.

“Growing up in the small community of Alakanuk, I was very much involved in cultural activities, helping the community, and learning as much as I could about the traditions and history of the Yup’ik people.” Wayne Wasky, CECI scholarship recipient

“As a kid, my family and I would travel by a boat to our fish camp where we spent most of our summers,” Wayne says. “During that time, we would smoke the fish caught during subsistence fishing periods.”

Calista Education & Culture, Inc. Scholarship Opportunities

The mission of Calista Education & Culture, Inc. is to celebrate and promote Yuuyaraq, the traditional/cultural way of being in the Calista Region, which inspires and encourages our people to achieve their dreams through education.

The scholarship program awards scholarships two times each year. The application deadline for the Fall Term scholarship is due June 30, and the Spring Term scholarship application is due December 1. Apply today!