April 13, 2017

Will2Win winners!
Congrats to the first quarter winners. Each person will receive $250 (two hundred fifty) each.

Did you know? Less than half of Shareholders have wills. Wills ensure your last wishes are known and followed. If a stock will is valid, then shares are transferred as your will directs. Without a stock will, Alaska Statutes provide guidance on who inherits the shares.

Each Calista Corporation Shareholder that updates or submits a new stock will during each calendar quarter is eligible for a drawing. There will be a drawing for prizes of $250.00 (two hundred fifty) each.

Remaining Will2Win 2017 Schedule:

  • April 1 – June 30, 14 prizes of $250 each
  • July 1 – September 31, 14 prizes of $250 each
  • October 1 – December 31, 13 prizes of $250 each

Winners will be drawn randomly within seven business days of the end of each quarter. The second quarter winners will be drawn by July 11. Winner names and hometowns will be posted here on our website, and on Calista’s Facebook page.

Stock will forms (fillable PDF, legal paper-sized document), and other forms, are on the Shareholder Information page of our website. Adobe Acrobat Reader’s free mobile app allows users to complete and even sign fillable PDFs.

2017 First Quarter Winners (alphabetical by first name):

  • Anna L. Roberts (Quinhagak)
  • Benedict Aparezuk (Kotlik)
  • Brenda George (Bethel)
  • Clark Philbrick, Jr. (Anchorage)
  • Joan Neck (Bethel)
  • Leona Wiseman (Chefornak)
  • Louise Hansen (Quinhagak)
  • Malcom D. M. Tyson (Alakanuk)
  • Margaret Mute (Kalskag)
  • Richard P. Ivan, Sr. (Akiak)
  • Rita Joekay (Napaskiak)
  • Sheila Minock (Russian Mission)
  • Theresa Frank (Anchorage)
  • Vanessa Gessells (Anchorage)