Yulista Acquires Colorado Tech Firm

DSoft Technology Increases Yulista’s Capabilities in Tech and Space Sectors

Storyknife, Mar/Apr 2024 edition

Through a geospatial portal, DSoft has provided 2D renderings and 3-D terrain mapping of fire perimeter and operational fire-fighting activities. Photo courtesy of Yulista.

One of the ways a company can boost its capabilities—and ultimately its revenue—is by acquiring another business.

Our Yulista holding line recently acquired DSoft Technology, Engineering & Analysis, Inc., a Colorado Springs, Colorado-based firm specializing in technology, engineering and analysis services to space, defense and civil clients.

DSoft Technology has strong capabilities in technology development and systems engineering. This includes space modeling and simulation, software development, geospatial information services, cloud computing and web/mobile applications.

One of DSoft Technology’s competitively-bid projects was to develop and administer a geospatial portal used by the U.S. Forest Service to coordinate wildland firefighting at the national level. This portal has provided real-time situational awareness for firefighting assets, integrated with data sources including satellite, smoke, fire perimeter, lightning strike history, and much more.

DSoft Technology was originally founded in 1998 by David Hollenbach, a service-disabled military veteran. Mr. Hollenbach remains with the DSoft Technology subsidiary as the General Manager.

In its announcement, Yulista said the DSoft Technology acquisition significantly broadens the holding line’s information and technology capabilities, and further solidifies its position as a leading technology development and systems engineering provider.

You can learn more about Yulista’s new subsidiary by visiting www.dsoft-tech.com.