“When we first founded the company in Kotzebue, known then as St. George Construction, our focus was operating as true Alaskans – with honesty, hard work and solutions to any challenge.”

With a reputation for exceptional performance, professionalism, innovation, safety performance and quality craftsmanship, STG Incorporated has become a preferred heavy industry contractor for development in rural Alaska. While executing projects across Alaska, STG has supported infrastructure development in some of the most environmentally and logistically challenging sites in North America and takes pride in its wealth of experience earned from nearly 25 years of work in rural Alaska.


  • Pile foundation installation
  • Communication tower erection
  • Bulk fuel system installation
  • Wind turbine installation
  • Power generation construction
  • Civil construction
  • Crane services


  • Rural infrastructure
  • Oil and gas infrastructure
  • Renewable energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Electric utilities
  • Bulk fuel utilities


For more information on how to do business with STG Incorporated or its subsidiaries Alaska Crane or Terra Foundations, call (907) 644-4664, email info@stgincorporated.com, or visit online at stgincorporated.com.