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2014 By the Numbers

Calista Corporation wishes you a Happy New Year. We hope 2015 is filled with success for you and your family. Below is a recap of 2014 and some historical information. We hope this information is interesting.

Dividend and Elders' Benefit Program totals: Lifetime

Since inception Calista Corporation has provided 10 dividends and 7 Elders' Benefit Program distributions. 


Dividend and Elders' Benefit Program totals: 2014 year

2014 marked the first year Calista Corporation distributed two (yes, 2) dividends to Shareholders. For the seventh year in a row the Board of Directors also authorized an Elders' Benefit Program distribution.


2014 donations total nearly $170,000 and 75% was donated in the Calista/YK Delta Region

About 75% of Calista's cash donations were distributed in the Calista / YK Delta Region. Even donations outside of the region benefit Shareholders and Descendants. Programs or...

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Record Dividend: $5 Million


March 3, 2015

Calista Corporation Sets Record Shareholder Dividend of $5 Million

Approximate Economic Impact to YK Delta: $3 Million

(Anchorage, Alaska) - Calista Corporation's 11th Shareholder dividend since inception is the largest in its corporate history. This 2015 Shareholder dividend totals $5.05 million and is the ninth dividend since 2007. The total distribution of Calista's Shareholder dividends is $31.3 million, with 50 percent of that total declared in the last three years.

Calista has one of the largest populations of Shareholders among the Alaska Native Corporations, with approximately 12,900 individuals. This distribution equates to $3.80 per share, with the average Shareholder owning 100 shares. This dividend is an eight percent increase from 2014. Checks are expected to be mailed out by the close of business, Wednesday, April 15.

"Approximately 60 percent of Shareholders live in the Yukon-Kuskokwim...

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