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AVCP 2015 Convention Presentation

AVCP recently held its 51st Annual Convention. Calista Corporation was one of many organizations invited to present to the delegates.

The presentation was given by Chair Margaret Pohjola. Pohjola provided a brief update on Calista's activities, noting that wages to Shareholders and Descendants in 2014 totaled $10.5 Million. She also noted that half of all Shareholder dividend dollars have been distributed since 2013. A record two dividends were declared in 2014 (spring dividend and winter's Akilista dividend).

Click the picture below to view a PDF (1.81MB) of Calista's presentation.


Calista Corporation Chair Margaret Pohjola presenting at the 2015 AVCP Convention (click for larger image - 1.21MB)

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Pohjola First Chairwoman


July 24, 2015

Calista Corporation Board Selects FIrst Chairwoman in Corporate History

Margaret Pohjola Voted to Serve 2015-2016

(Anchorage, Alaska) - Calista Corporation's Board of Directors voted in the first chairwoman in corporate history. Margaret Pohjola, a shareholder with ties to Chuathbaluk, was voted in July 23. Board officers, like the chair, serve one-year terms following a vote by fellow directors. Outgoing Chair Willie Kasayulie  had served the maximum of three consecutive annual terms. Directors are voted upon by shareholders and serve three-year terms.

"It is...

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