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Final Enrollment Prize Winners

June 14, 2017

Wow! Over 13,000 new Calista Corporation Descendant (Class C) and Missed Enrollee (Class D) Shareholder Enrollment applications have been received. Applications continue to be submitted online, in person, with Calista staff assistance, or via email, mail or fax.

Cash prize drawings for submitted applications were held in February, March, April, May, and this final one in June. The June prize recipients will each receive $1,000.00 (one thousand dollars).

Reminder: Enrollment does not close or end. However, all complete and eligible applications submitted by June 2, 11:59pm, will have priority for the first issuance of shares. The first issuance of shares is estimated for early December 2017. All complete and eligible applications now and in the future will be reviewed as they are submitted.

Enrollment information, requirements, and more are at

Five winners of the final new Shareholder Enrollment prize...

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Vote online at

Again this year: vote online at

Even from your smart phone!

To vote online a Shareholder will need:

PIN number (found on the back page of the blue Proxy Form) Last four digits of Social Security number

Annual Meeting information (only Shareholders and Descendants may attend):

July 7, 2017 Sleetmute, AK James Egnaty, Sr. School 10am registration begins 1pm meeting begins  Quorum vote information is found here

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