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Annual Meeting

Calista Corporation each year schedules an Annual Meeting of Shareholders. This meeting is crucial because Shareholders elect members to the Board of Directors and vote on any proposed resolutions. Due to the high cost of travel, annual meetings are generally held in the Calista Region in order to reach as many Shareholders as possible.

Note: More quorum vote information is found here.


A quorum* must be met in order to conduct a valid meeting. If too few Shareholders vote and quorum is not reached, the Annual Meeting must be rescheduled, which would cost Calista and its Shareholders significant time, effort, and money.

Historically, the average Shareholder voting participation of all Annual Meetings is only 50.15%. For the last 5 Annual Meetings, less than 4 in 10 Shareholders 18-39 years old vote. And less than half of Shareholders in their 40's voted. More quorum vote information is found here.

*As required for ANCSA corporations, Calista's quorum requirement: A majority (more than 50%) of all outstanding shares must be represented in person or by proxy.

Meeting Locations

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders is held at least once every five years in Bethel, and at least once every seven years in Anchorage. The other meetings will be held in villages in the Calista Region selected by the Board of Directors.

2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders information

  • Date: July 7
  • Community: Sleetmute
  • Location: Jack Egnaty Sr. School
  • Time: 1pm
  • Annual Meeting packet mail date: May 30 (scheduled)
  • Quorum information: click here

Voting information / Prize deadlines

Voting website:
    • Note: Online voting PIN located on the back page of the blue paper proxy form
    • Opens: May 30 (scheduled)

Paper Proxy deadlines

    • Early Bird Prizes deadline: June 19, 2017, by 5pm
    • Regular Proxy deadline: July 3, 2017, by 5pm

Online Proxy deadlines (also eligible for Paper Proxy prizes)

    • Online Early Bird Prizes deadline: June 12, 2017, by 5pm
    • Online Regular Proxy deadline: July 3, 2017, by 5pm

All proxy votes and ballots are received, verified, and counted by an independent Inspector of Elections. 

Quick facts

  • Through 2016, a total of 31 communities have hosted 42 annual meetings
  • The Calista Region is located in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
  • More than 60% of Shareholders live in the Calista Region
  • Online voting was first made available in 2014
  • Of Calista's 13,000 Shareholders, about 9,000 are original Shareholders and about 4,000 were gifted or inherited shares

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