June/July 2016 Storyknife (2.25MB, PDF)

June-July Storyknife 2016

Driving Force: Behind Student Success; Leaders from the Region: Audrey Leary; Brice Environmental Supports Nordic Skiing in Calista Region; and more.

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May 2016 Storyknife (1.24MB, PDF)

May 2016 Storyknife

Calista Largest Dividend to Date; 17th Annual Calista Education and Culture Inc. Golf Classic; Leaders from the Region: Cyndi Reeves, Author; and more.

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March 2016 Storyknife (1.39MB, PDF)

March 2016 Storyknife

Culture: Our Community; Employee Feature: Tisha Kuhns; Subsidiary Employees Help Region Students; Culture Camps; and more.

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January 2016 Storyknife (1.65MB, PDF)


Donlin Gold Looks Toward a Bright Future; Employee Feature: Get Ready to Work; Leaders from the Region: Vernon Chimegalrea; and more.

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May 2015 Storyknife (1.14MB, PDF)

May 2015 Storyknife

Descendant Enrollment; What Will Shares Look Like?; Descendant Enrollment at Other Alaska Native Corporations; and more.

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January 2015 Storyknife (1.96MB, PDF)

January 2015 Storyknife

Employee Feature: Shareholder Records; 2014 Year-in-Review; Bethel Pool Hopes to Save Lives; Leaders from the Region: Donna Bach; and more.

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November/December 2014 Storyknife (2.72MB, PDF)

Storyknife Nov Dec 2014

Documenting Our Heritage: How Dance Started; Calista Headquarters in New Building; Yulista Collects School Materials for Students; and more.

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October/November 2013 Storyknife (1.96MB, PDF)

Oct Nov 2013 Storyknife

NBA star James Harden and rapper Kendrick Lamar visit Bethel; Alaska’s Top 49ers; Annual Meeting of Shareholders; Calista Aquires STG Incorporated; and more.

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September 2013 Storyknife (2.03MB, PDF)

Sep 2013 Storyknife

Calista sponsors Alaska Native museum exhibit; Building Alaska’s Economy; Leaders in the Region: Joel Neimeyer, federal co-chair of the Denali Commission; and more.

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August 2013 Storyknife (1.72MB, PDF)

August 2013 Storyknife

Calista Golf Classic hosted by Stephen Qacung Blanchett of Pamyua and Ariel Tweto; Calista Region Culture Camp; Employee Feature: Calista Interns; and more.

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